KingSpec SSD 128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB SSD SATA 120 gb 240 gb 500gb SATA3 Hd SSD Hard Disk Drive Hdd Solid State Drive for Laptop




Product name:2.5 inch ssd

Transmission protocol: SATAIII, SATAII,SATAI

Form Factor/Interface:2.5Inch SATA 22pin



Sequential Read/Write(Max*):Read up to 550MB/s ; Write up to 500MB/s

Max Random 4k Read/Write:Read 91000 IOPS ; Write 5577 IOPS

MTBF:1 million hours

Warranty/support:3-year warranty with free technical support

Working temperature: 0℃~+70℃

Input voltage: 5V±5%

Storage temperature: -20℃~+75℃

Access time: 0.07ms

Product features:

Fast reading, anti-collision and anti-vibration, low energy consumption, no noise

5 Times faster than HDD


1. We provide 3-year warranty.

2. We promised 100% refund if you don’t get the goods.

3. We provide factory price(Support wholesale price).

4. All the product are Original KingSpec Brand.

5. We provide professional customer online service.

6.We will declare a low price on the package before sending.

7:We will ship the order within one day after you make the order.Sd48bb18aec5b4915a4c68c738346118ecS4a28c050c73847f4adbe9f235bcf14fd1Sa9c40d13627c4717bda5f73edf102b8duSa014203a408f42dc93e2007bfe0b5d09e



Warranty: 3 Years
Note: For mining purpose,flash life endurance will be damaged faster than normal use. Warranty ONLY covers hard drives TBW life endurance.Warranty will be valid in one week after mining clients confirmed quality. The warranty will be invalid as bellow condition :
1. For 2TB drive,Total Bytes Written over 1000TBW
2. For 1TB drive, Total Bytes Written over 600TBW


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